Unmet Needs

The Knox County Committee for Unmet Needs has been established to assist individuals and families who have exhausted all other avenues of assistance. Recognizing that financial stability is one of three building blocks of a good quality of life, Unmet Needs pools private donations, grant funding and church pledges to provide stability during a crisis.


The Knox County Committee for Unmet Needs will complement the social service system by compassionately responding through networking and collaborative funding provided by individual agencies, churches and human service organizations to meet the needs of all individuals in our community that may exceed the limits of any agency.

Who can receive help from Unmet Needs?
When faced with a financial crisis, families and individuals operating on a survival level income lack the safety net needed to maintain financial stability. The Knox County Committee for Unmet Needs provides financial assistance for basic needs such as rent, mortgage and utility payments; home and car repairs; medication and medical care. Clients must first pursue assistance through all available public agencies before their need can be brought before the committee. Clients must reside in Knox County Illinois. Clients can only receive benefits once every 2 years, with a lifetime limit of: $ 1,000

How are clients referred to Unmet Needs?
Cases for Unmet Needs must be presented by a representative of a Committee Agency. Clients are asked to verify income of all those living in the home and average monthly expenses so that the committee can make an informed funding decision. If a case is funded, financial assistance is provided to the vendor rather than directly to the client.

Who can join the Unmet Needs partnership?
Churches and human service agencies in Knox County can request membership on the Knox County Committee for Unmet Needs. Organizations will be granted membership following a majority vote of the members. All those who attend meetings are required to sign a confidentiality form prior to cases being presented.

How can you support the work of the Unmet Needs partnership?
Unmet Needs appreciates generous support from local churches, individuals and businesses who donate funds to be used by the committee. Unmet Needs also receives funding from private grants and memorials. Contact United Way of Knox County to make a contribution.


  1. Cases are to be presented only when all other avenues of funding have been exhausted. Appropriate referrals to community agencies should be made prior to presenting a case to the Unmet Needs committee.  The committee is not to be used as a way to access funding that is available outside the committee process.
  2. No cases will be considered for funding without copies of the completed application being made available in the meeting. 
  3. Proof of Insurance and driver’s license is required for cases related to automobiles.  The caseworker is not required to copy this information on every application, as long as verification is available at the meeting. 
  4. Clients who are eligible for food stamps, Medicaid and TANF must be enrolled in these programs in order to receive funding from the committee.
  5. Divorced clients with minor children in the home and who are eligible for court mandated child support must seek child support enforcement.
  6. All funding agents on the committee have the freedom to operate under their own guidelines (agencies) and belief systems (churches) when deciding whether to fund a case. 
  7. In an effort to be good stewards of church pledges and donated dollars, the Unmet Needs committee does not provide funding for the following needs:
    1. Court related fines and fees
    2. Payday Loans
    3. Payments to rent-to-own centers
    4. Travel expenses other than for medical needs
    5. Rent for temporary housing at a hotel or other shelter

NOTE: The caseworker presenting the case can ask that one or more of these funding guidelines be waived due to extenuating circumstances.